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The medical industry in the United States is among the most costly globally. In 2016, Americans spent nearly twice as much on health care as people from other countries. We’re all looking for methods to conserve money in an economy when medical equipment are so pricey. When buying medical devices, you need to be very cautious as some can be very expensive. 

To get top quality equipment, some key things to consider include:

  • Product Inventory
  • Medical Equipment Quality
  • After Sales Service
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Technical Expertise
  • Convenience of Purchasing

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High-quality equipment helps facilities perform accurate procedures. However, equipping your lab, clinic, or hospital with medical equipment can be daunting. While most people opt to go for only leading brands, they don’t always translate to having the best deal. Luckily, some tips can help you buy medical equipment at an affordable price. Read on to learn more.

Health Insurance

Durable medical equipment must be recommended by a doctor to be covered by insurance. While it is not compulsory for health insurance providers to cover it, some do. If you have health insurance, begin by reviewing your coverage or contacting your physician to determine if the DME you require is covered.

Coverage is frequently determined by the type of medical equipment you or a loved one uses, and you may be required to rent rather than buy some DME.

Medicare and Medicaid

For durable medical equipment, Medicare, like private health insurance, needs a prescription. If you have a valid prescription, Medicare Part B will usually cover 80% of the cost, leaving you to cover the remaining 20%. Remember that durable medical equipment covered by Medicare must be purchased from a Medicare-approved vendor.

If you or a loved one is on Medicaid or meets the eligibility requirements, the government-sponsored health-assistance program may pay part or all of your medical expenses. Coverage varies by state, so contact your state’s Medicaid department to discover what type of assistance you could qualify for.

Purchase Medical Equipment In Bulk

When you buy medical goods separately, they are likely to be more expensive than when you buy them in bulk. Whether you choose this route, make sure to consider if you need perishable supplies or if you can keep them in your storage for months until you need them.

Remember that wholesale medical supplies are always cheaper, and instead of using third-party services, you may contact the manufacturer or wholesale supplier directly. This will reduce overall costs, and as long as you plan ahead of time to ensure that you have the things you need rather than having to wait for the next batch of purchases, you will be able to function efficiently at a fraction of the price.

Assistive Technology Acts

In the United States, there is a Federal Assistive Technology Act program in each of the 50 states, Washington, D.C., and five U.S. territories. These statutes aim to assist the elderly and disabled in obtaining medical supplies. They cover all items, equipment, or products used to augment, maintain, or improve functional skills of persons with impairments, whether purchased commercially, adapted, or customized.”

These initiatives work in various ways to assist people in obtaining the medical supplies they require. Patients can borrow gadgets for a limited time from programs, allowing those who need to test the equipment. They also provide low-interest loans and grants to assist patients in paying for their medical equipment.

Refurbished Medical Equipment 

Finding reconditioned or recycled medical equipment is another fantastic way to save money on expensive medical equipment. Refurbished equipment is only advisable when sterilizable items like wheelchairs and other medical equipment are involved. Goodwill is one of the best locations for low-cost medical equipment. They sell wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, canes, motorized scooters, hospital beds, and a variety of other items, both new and secondhand.

If you only need equipment for a short time or want to try out a product before buying it, your local Goodwill may be able to lend it to you. Many of the Assistive Technology Acts initiatives mentioned above operate with refurbished equipment. They also keep a list of available equipment for sale in the region.


Aside from government initiatives, several non-profit organizations aim to make medical supplies accessible to people who need them. These programs cater to the elderly and disabled, and many of them provide free long-term medical equipment loans. Participation standards vary for every local organization, but you can get free or low-cost refurbished medical equipment if you satisfy them.

Most of these local chapters are condition-specific, meaning you must have a specific diagnosis to be eligible. Local non-profits typically rely on donations to get medical supplies. There are also lost limb groups that assist amputees and people who may have lost the use of their limbs.

Discount Coupons and Vouchers

We typically assume that coupons and vouchers can only be used for apparel or supermarket shopping when we think about them. They may be used in almost any industry, including medical supplies. So, depending on where you want to place your order, you should see whether there are any discount codes or coupons available.

Keep an eye out for websites that provide these discounts, and make sure you’re following the correct individuals who may give you unique coupons to utilize in your clinic to save money on medical supplies. You should not do it if you do not have to pay the entire amount.

Help For Specific Diagnoses Or Disabilities

You may be eligible for disease-based support depending on your unique illness. Some groups, such as the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) Association, the Muscular Dystrophy Associations, and several lost-limb organizations, specialize in aiding people with specific diseases or infirmities. These national organizations frequently provide loans through local chapters.

These organizations are a mix of volunteer activities and government-supported groups. They can assist you with various medical expenses, such as medications, clinic visits, nutrition transportation, daycare, etc. Search for your condition and community, and there’s a good chance you’ll find one.

Use Members Points And Discounts

When purchasing medical supplies and equipment online, you should always create a profile on the website and keep an eye out for member-only discounts and bargains. You will see that the price may even drop once you have signed up, so take advantage of this. Remember that just because you’re a member doesn’t mean you have to buy their stuff, so join up for many businesses, get notifications and flyers and keep an eye out for when there’s an excellent deal.

You may also inquire about premium membership and what benefits you would receive as a premium user. You may be eligible for even more significant discounts, have first access to new equipment, or just receive free samples and presents.

Do Some Online Research

Shopping for medical goods online is one of the quickest and easiest methods to save money. Many online medical equipment suppliers promise to offer discounts these days. However, be wary of e-tailers that jack up prices and then put their merchandise “on sale.” Although it appears like you are receiving a good bargain, you are actually paying more than if you had purchased the item new from the manufacturer. This tendency seems to be primarily affecting mobility scooters.

You may also browse and compare costs to verify that you get the best bargain. It would be best to be cautious while using websites like these to avoid being a scam victim. Creating a website is simple, so many businesses may sell defective goods. Some may take your money and never give anything. Look for reputable websites and be skeptical of anything that appears too good to be true. It most often is.

Choose The Right Medical Supplier

Opting for the right medical supply store is a must if you don’t want to invest too much and if you want to avoid any risk of purchasing low-quality medical supplies. In this field, quality is a must, so you should choose a store that will send you samples and test products to help you find all the goods you need.

You can check out Stripes Medical for more information and see firsthand what a reliable online medical supply store like us can do to help your practice lower your medical supply bills.

Want to Know More About Affordable Medical Equipment?

Medical care in the United States is outrageous, but it does not have to be. Do your homework, talk to your doctor, and become involved with local healthcare advocacy groups. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to locate a program that can assist you in finding economical medical supply solutions.

If you’re looking to purchase medical equipment for business purposes, find the right supplier for your niche to take your medical utility to the next level. However, medical equipment companies face strict regulatory controls and relatively high fixed costs, including storage technology, transportation equipment, and complex machinery.

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