USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy

Stripes Global USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy Trailer

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Let’s build a project that fits your needs.

Stripes Global provides transportable USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy that deliver rapid and flexible solutions that meet the Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations (cGMP) enforced by the FDA and meets of exceeds the proposed CETA requirements for USP 797/800 according to CAG-003-2006 certification, guide for sterile compounding facilities.

The Stripes Global Trailer is a Mobile USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy that allows providers to easily and quickly set up production right at the point of care. Offering maximum flexibility, the Production Trailer can be used in multiple configurations to suit your specific needs.

Our trailers can be used anywhere in the continental US when existing infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable.

Critical Focus on Safety and Quality

Stripes Global’ s innovative, USP 797/800 Compounding Pharmacy facilities are the perfect solution for a full range of pharmaceutical compounding needs. The biopharmaceutical industry prefers to rapidly develop new platforms and therapies but often requires small-scale processing areas and suitably sterile environments. Stripes Global customizes these offerings from existing or brand new systems that can be repeatedly arranged in different configurations when necessary to support any specific mission or program objective, perfectly suited for startups or established biotech firms branding multiple products at once.

Why choose Stripes Global?

Because our expertise in engineering controls ensures that quality systems, medicines, and cosmetic facilities can be developed properly. HVAC, air filtration and containment systems must be precisely configured in order to meet the critical demands of any project. Stripes Global relies on its extensive experience manufacturing mobile cleanrooms and laboratories to deliver compliant facilities that suit your specific needs.

Let’s build a project that fits your needs.

Stripes Global team is devoted to enabling rapid deployment of critical infrastructure both to cutting-edge research facilities and the front lines of national health security.