Have an idea for medical device manufacturing? A new surgical, dental or life science device that will either, 1. Revolutionize a procedure or system; or 2. At a minimum, make life easier for healthcare providers and their patients?

The idea is – almost – half the battle. Stripes Global, through its Stripes Manufacturing arm, would like to help you turn that idea into reality. It’s why we developed 7 Steps to Medical Device Manufacturing: A Guide to Conceiving, Developing, Producing, and Releasing a New Product .

We’ll let you peruse the document for yourself, but the 7 steps in short order are:

  • Step 1: The idea (you’re already there) – Test, survey, and see if your idea sticks outside of your vacuum.
  • Step 2: Throw the book at your idea – Take the initial feedback and iterate, then ask for more feedback to determine if your idea indeed has merit to continue.
  • Step 3: Build a prototype – Stripes Global can help at all steps, but this is where our expertise can help you see your vision come to light.
  • Step 4: More improvements – See more feedback from stakeholders (investors, early supporters, and critics) to either earn buy-in or address flaws.
  • Step 5: Test the market – Not a full launch, this phase strategically targets actual product users and future customers to see if you’re on point or need additional focus and refinement.
  • Step 6: The almost launch – Time to look at the supply chain, begin production and examine distribution channels. Assessing the market and setting firm deadlines are key.
  • Step 7: Launch – Get your product out there, take in feedback from actual users; and use that input to make updates or improve advertising and marketing.

Check out the full guide for more details. We know it will make you more confident about taking the leap and going for it with your idea.

Partners in Your Success

We are very confident in what we do and our role as manufacturing consultants is to make our customers successful. If we have doubts, we’ll tell you. We’ll never just shoot your idea down. We’ll work with you to provide actionable feedback so each step in the process is fruitful, and we’re partners from honing your initial idea all the way through seeking and achieving FDA approval.

A favorite phrase of ours is that we provide “total product realization solutions.” We’ve been there, done that.

I alone have nearly 40 years of experience in manufacturing, sales, and business development with a specialty focus on industrial and manufacturing engineering, manufacturing operations, and product design and development.

My Philosophy on Helping Customers Succeed

I help customers succeed through the process of engagement, digging deep into what exactly it is that you need, and how I can help you. The process can best be defined by three key elements or what I call the 3D approach:

  • DEFINE the needs of my customer, probing to expose the details of what success means to them.
  • Using this information to DEVELOP a solution that meets the success criteria.
  • Executing to DELIVER the results.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than looking at a new idea and identifying the challenges and opportunities it presents. Problem-solving is what I do. I get a kick out of ideating product and process improvements, identifying barriers to implementation, and translating any idea into executable product solutions.

The team and I at Stripes Manufacturing are your partners. We want you to succeed, just as we’ve helped hundreds of other clients do. Reach out today to get started.

 Download Now- 7 Steps to Medical Device Manufacturing: A Guide to Conceiving, Developing, Producing, and Releasing a New Product